We rested well and awoke with the sun rising. We had a full schedule and we had to rush through breakfast on the boat before heading toward the tip of Culion and an enormous rock towered out from the waters. Our group took ashore to climb up the rock, and from the top, plunge to the crystal clear waters.
Kulaylayan Island
Our journey through Culion as well as Linapacan Islands meant venturing out into the open ocean. It was rough, and even with the stabilising power on the outriggers I was delighted as we entered the protected waters that surround Kulaylayan Island.
This and Cagdanao Islands were the next islands we cruised past. It appeared that the waters here were even more clear and had more aquatic life. The temptation was too tempting, so I went in and snorkelled until I was satisfied.
Tabayan Base on Campon
On the night that ended the trip, we camped on Tabayan Base on Campon. It is an island that is not inhabited but the guides and crew prepared an evening barbecue with grilled fish we’d seen their catch throughout the day. Everyone was happy for the day to end, and so we sat and sang until we fell asleep.
My final day began with a refreshing shower under the bamboo curtain of a wooden structure in the forest. We stopped off at El Nido Island, from where we traveled for approximately 1 hour and a half to Pangaraycayan. There was a long, white beach, surrounded from tall trees. It was finally time to return to Manila.
In my Manila hotel room, the previous glorious days were like an unrealized dream.