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The main and most prominent qualities of Maine Coon cats: physical and behavioral

long-furred brown cat

Animal name: Maine coon cat, in English (Maine Coon), this species hails from the state of New England, specifically from the city of Maine in America, and was considered one of the Cats suitable for farms or homes to keep mice and rodents away, it was classified as one of the largest domestic cats in the world.[١]

Height: the average Maine coon cat is 48-81 cm long, with a height of 25-40 CM.[٢]
Weight: the average weight of this breed varies between 5-11 kg.[٢]
Average age: the average age of Maine Coon cats is approximately 9-15 years.[٢]

Morphological qualities of Maine Coon cats

Here are some of the personal qualities that the Maine Coon cat has: [١][٣]

Body: Maine Coon has a large size and a strong muscular structure and also has a wide chest, where the size of the males is larger than the size of the females, and they reach their full size after reaching 3-5 years.

Head: Maine Coon has a rather long head with average width, characterized by high cheekbones, the mouth area is Square in shape and gives a view consistent with The Shape of the body, he has a strong chin area and large ears.

Eyes: large oval and wide; their color may be blue, green, or green-golden; one may be blue, the other another color.
Legs: large legs, medium length, in harmony with the body. The hind legs look straight when looking at them. He has large feet, round in shape.
Fur: heavy, Shaggy, and has a silky texture, it may be short at the shoulders, longer at the belly, and nape.
Fur color: Brown is the common color of Maine Coon cats, and they may appear in one color; such as black, red, and white, or in two colors; such as blue and white, or red and white, or in several colors such as Turtle colors.

Personal qualities of Maine Coon cats

Here are some character traits of this type of cat: [٤][٥]

Very smart, likes to learn new games and tricks.
Maine coon cat loves water, unlike other cats.
He is characterized by a cheerful and kind soul, he is also very curious.[٦]
The Maine coon cat is characterized by its rapid adaptation to the surrounding environment and people.
He is a sociable cat, he likes to walk behind people and be with them, and he also likes to be taken care of.
Maine Coon is like other cats, he also loves climbing.
Maine Coon cats love children and their attention to them.
He resembles dogs in relation to his extreme loyalty to his owner, and his size.[٦]
They are characterized as beautiful and elegant cats and may prefer to keep them inside the house to protect them from dangers outside the home and the risk of theft.

These cats do not mind having other pets such as cats or friendly dogs with them.
Considered a skilled hunter, it was used in the fields and by sailors on ships to protect cargo and property from rats.

How to deal with Maine Coon cats

Here are some tips that may help you in raising a Maine Coon cat and dealing with it:[٧][٨]

Fur care: it is preferable to comb the cat twice a week to remove dead hair and revitalize the skin so that it does not collect and form knots, it is also recommended to use a special comb to facilitate the removal of hair lumps, preferably bathing every few weeks to a few months.
Dental and nail care: their teeth should be cleaned weekly to avoid gum disease, and his nails should be trimmed every few weeks.
Eye and ear care: it is preferable to wipe the corners of the eyes with a piece of soft cloth in case there is a runny nose in the eyes, and it is preferable to use a cloth for each eye to avoid transferring the infection to the other eye, as for the ears, it is preferable to clean them weekly with a piece of cloth with warm water and vinegar, you should pay attention not to cleaning with cotton because it may damage the inner part of the ear.
Litter box cleanliness: it is preferable to clean the box constantly because Maine Coon cats love cleanliness.

Follow a healthy diet: due to the large size of the Maine coon cat, it should be fed useful foods that contain the necessary minerals and vitamins, and are of high quality, dry food usually occupies a large part of its daily diet, and it should contain a high percentage of proteins approximately 52% per day, a moderate percentage of fats approximately 35% per day, and a low percentage of carbohydrates approximately 12% of its daily diet.
Keeping the cat inside the house: these cats like to stay at home sometimes; but if the external environment is safe, you can let them out, and it is advisable not to keep them outside for long periods due to the increased likelihood of diseases, exposure to predators or cars.

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