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Learn more about the qualities of Turkish Angora cats

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Cat name: Angora cat, in English (Angora); he is of Turkish origin, he is called a ballet dancer because of his elegance, agility in movement, his distinctive gait, he is very friendly with his owner and with children and other pets, as he is considered a leader, loves attention and does not like to be left alone.[١]

Length: the average length of Angora cats varies between 30-45 CM.[١]
Weight: the average weight of this breed reaches between 2.27-4 kg.[١]
Average age: the average age of this cat is over 13 years.[١]

Morphological qualities of Angora cats

Here are some morphological qualities of Angora cats: [١][٢]

Body: long and slender, and although it is considered slender; it has a strong muscular structure, and also has a dense fur coat.
Head: compared to the size of the body and limbs, the head of this cat is small to medium in size.

Ears and eyes: the cat has large ears, starting with a wide base and ending with a pointed top, and large eyes, and appears in different colors; such as blue, sky blue, emerald green, and gold.

Legs and tail: its hind legs are longer than the front, it has small, rounded feet, and the tail is long and full of fur.
Fur coat: it has a single fur coat but varies in length, at the tail it is long, bushy, and has a silky texture.[٣]
Color: the cat may appear brown, lavender, or white, and some of them are like Himalayan cats or a combination of different colors.

Personal qualities of Angora cats

Here are some character traits of Angora cats:[٣][٢]

This breed is characterized by being intelligent and having a high ability to think about solving its problems.
This cat likes to be in control when other pets are inside the House.
He is elegant and has a way of moving like a ballet dancer.
He is active and loves to play both when he is young and when he is getting older.
He likes to attract the attention of his owner even if it entails getting himself into trouble.
Sociable likes to talk, play with others, and practice all activities.[٤]
He is considered to have a cheerful, affectionate, sociable personality.[٤]
This cat does not prefer to sit on the owner’s lap for a long time.[٤]

How to deal with Angora cats

Here are some tips to help you deal with and take care of Angora cats: [٣][٥]

You need to be careful that overfeeding the cat may cause obesity; therefore, you need to provide it with a balanced amount of food.[١]
Comb him weekly so that his hair does not get tangled, and his fur does not fall out too much.
It is preferable to brush the cat’s teeth weekly to reduce the risk of gum disease.

Trim the cat’s nails every few weeks.
Wipe the ends of the cat’s eyes with a piece of gauze or cloth when there is a runny nose in them, preferably using a different piece of gauze for each eye to avoid transmitting infection.
Clean the cat’s ears weekly with a cloth moistened with vinegar and warm water.
It’s a good idea to keep your cat inside the house to protect it from the risk of contracting any of the feline diseases, being harmed, or predation.
Provide toys and trees for cats, because they love to play and run.

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