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Learn more about Lulu dogs, these cute and beautiful dogs

Animal name: Lulu dogs or what they are called in English (Volpino Italiano), which is one of the rare and dense fur small dog breeds, its origins date back to 5000 years ago, as this family hails from Italy, and it was one of the favorite dogs of the royal families.

Length: the average length of the female is between 25-27 CM, and the length of the male is between 27-30 CM.
Weight: the average weight of Lulu dogs ranges from 4-5 kg.

Animal qualities: Lulu dogs are characterized by being small in size, their torso is square, their ears are triangular and small and are located on top of their head, their eyes are rounded, and their skull is Oval in shape.
Average age: the average age of Lulu dogs ranges from 14-16 years.

Types of Lulu dogs

Lulu dogs are from the Spitz dog family (Spitz), which are stocky, thick-furred dogs, with their tail twisted on their back, and dogs that resemble Lulu dogs include: [٣]

Pomeranian dogs: they are small dogs weighing no more than 3.5 kg, their fur is thick and multi-colored, very mobile and active, they are also smart and good with children, Pomeranian dogs can also be bred to be guard dogs because of their high barking.[٤]

American Eskimo dog: this species has two different sizes; the normal size which is between 35-48cm, and the small size which is between 28-38cm, it has thick fur, and pointed ears, it is super intelligent, sociable, loves attention, it can also be used as guard dogs due to its caution against strangers and its loud barking.[٥]

The character of Lulu’s dogs

Lulu dogs can live in small places, they do not need large spaces, but be sure to do daily exercises, and like any type of dog, Lulu dogs have several qualities that distinguish them, including the following:[٦][٧]


Personal qualities

Here are some character traits of Lulu dogs:

Active and very mobile.
She can cope in any environment.
They are considered a dominant and dominant type.
She is so kind and friendly that she can easily befriend animals and people.
She has a high sense of danger, she barks non-stop to let you know that there is some danger.

Tips for dealing with Lulu dogs

Here are some tips that will help you cope and breed Lulu dogs: [٨][٩]

It is advisable to train Lulu dogs early, as this facilitates their education process, as they learn faster.
Her teacher should be strict; that’s because they are stubborn dogs.
You have to constantly reward them to ensure their learnability.
Avoid using violence in training, but rather use her favorite food and praise her as an incentive for her education.
Try to distract the dog when barking at strangers or other animals by giving him a toy.
Be sure to exercise and play with the dog daily to discharge his excess energy.

Feeding Lulu dogs

Proper nutrition is essential to protect your dog from diseases, and here’s what interests you about it:[١٠]

Important foods

The following are foods that Lulu dogs can eat:

Use dry food and canned food, and you can mix the two types together or use water to mix them.
Food should be of high quality to ensure a healthy and balanced diet rich in cottage cheese, fruits, vegetables, and others.

Foods that are not suitable for Lulu’s dogs

Here are some foods that are not suitable for Lulu dogs and cause harm to them: [١٠]

Human food, too much of it, leads to a strike in the level of minerals and vitamins, which affects the health of teeth and bones.
Eat cooked eggs, cottage cheese, vegetables, and fruits in high proportions, all of these foods may be loved by Lulu dogs, but they should be less than 10% of their daily food.

Number of meals

The number of feedings varies according to the dog’s age as follows: [١٠]

Dogs 3-6 months old need 3 meals a day.
Dogs 6-12 months old need two meals a day.
After the age of one year, the number of meals will become one or two small meals a day.

Lulu’s dog’s health

Diseases that affect Lulu dogs
The following are common diseases in Lulu dogs:

Primary lens dislocation (PLL): this disease occurs due to weakness in the logical fibers (zonular fibers), which leads to movement of the lens of the eye, and can be detected by DNA examination, and may cause pain to the dog depending on the change in the location of the lens, and most of the injuries of this disease are between 3-6 years of the dog’s life.[١١]

Patellar luxation (patellar luxation): consists of the knee coming out of place, and it can be treated with is rare to have complications after surgery, but a common complication is a rebound in the patella (relaxation and implant-associated).[١٢]
Obesity: the elderly can affect the dog’s life and exercise normally, so it is necessary to maintain a normal and ideal weight by organizing meals and their quantity.[١٣]

Keeping Lulu’s dogs healthy

The following methods will help you maintain your dog’s health: [١٤]

Feed your dog high-quality food, follow a constant hygienic regime, and provide him with clean water for drinking.
To avoid accidents at times when you are out of the house, train your dog ahead of time to accept and get used to his cage.
Provide your dog with a warm cage or house in winter, and a cold Basin of water in summer, in order to avoid getting sick if you want to leave him outside the House.

Do physical exercises to burn fat; in order to maintain the dog’s normal weight and empty its energy.
Periodically cut the dog’s fur to avoid infecting it with fleas.
Be sure to visit the vet periodically to make sure that there are no health problems and treat them quickly if they exist.

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