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How to train cats: the most important and latest tips and guidelines

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Cats are one of the animals that respond quickly to training, and many believe that they can train them by following the steps of dog training, which is true with a focus on teaching them some things of their own; cats differ in their reception and response to the training methods used compared to the response of dogs, and it should be noted that they must be trained at an early age on many things.[١][٢]


Types of cat training

The following are the types of training for cats: [٣]

Train cats to recognize their names when calling them, noting the need to choose easy and cute cat names.
Train them to use the toilet.
Train them not to scratch, or train them to scratch things intended for this.
Train them to let their embrace.
Train them to go to the litter box.

The most important skills that can be taught to cats

Here are some skills that can be taught to a cat: [٤] [٥]

Teach her to receive and execute commands addressed to her; such as sit, roll, come, etc.
Teach her to shake hands.
Teach her to beg; she should stand on her hind legs and stretch out her hand to ask.
Teach her to use the toilet.
Teach her communication skills with others.[٦]
Teach her not to bite, the cat’s bite may hurt the breeder.[٧]
Teach her the skills of doing tricks.[٨]
Teach her not to scratch or jump on the upholstery.[٩]

Methods of training cats

Here are some tips on how to train cats: [١٠]

Training a cat using a clicking tool is one of the most common methods, and this training is by clicking on a special machine with directing commands and rewarding the cat for execution.

Training by targeting; this can be done by buying a stick-like tool from pet stores, but a pen or stick can be used instead of it, the cat must touch anything it touches with this piece, whether nose, eye, or otherwise, and then you have to reward it.

Methods of training kittens

Here are some ways to train kittens:[١١]

Teach her by pointing at the command and speaking at the same time; for example, pointing with your hand to sit and saying the word “Sit”.
Positive reinforcement; such as the word” good”, or” well done”, then rewards can be given.
Train her using the click technique.

Things to avoid when training

Here are some things that must be avoided avoided when training cats: [١٢] [١٣]

Avoid punishing her, because she does not respond to you in case of punishment.[١٤]
Do not train your cat for long periods of time.
Do not ignore the cat doing the commands correctly; when she behaves in the right way, she needs to hear praise from you and be rewarded.
Do not assume that your cat differentiates right actions from wrong, especially if the cat is new to your home.
Do not allow your kitten to jump on tables or tapestries.
Don’t force your cat to do something she doesn’t want to.

Other information about cat training

The benefits of training cats
Here are some of the benefits of training cats: [١٥]

It provides a better and healthier life for your cat; as it improves its mental and physical health.
Strengthens the relationship between you and her and enhances communication.
Training your cat in tricks reduces her feeling of boredom.
You become less likely to do wrong behaviors.

Tips when training your cat

Here are some tips that can be followed when training cats: [١٦] [١٧]

Be patient, full of enthusiasm, and positive energy when training your cat.
It is better to train the cat in different parts of the House.
There is no problem in involving other personnel in the process of her training.
Rewards and motivation can be used when training your cat.
The training period should not be laborious.
The environment must be safe and sound

The daily duration of your cat’s training

The following is the daily duration of your cat’s training: [١٨] [١٩]

The best time for training is before the time of feeding the cat.
The training period should not be long; in order to achieve the desired goals.
Preferably, the duration should be 5-10 minutes a day, or a maximum of 15 minutes.
Training sessions can be repeated several times a day.

Tools used in training cats

Here are some tools you can use to train your cat: [٢٠]

Having a clicker tool, may be used to train a group of animals.
It is advisable to have treats during the training period; the cat needs reinforcement.

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