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Get to know the voice of dogs and its semantics

The sounds made by dogs vary according to their need or feeling; however, barking is the most common sound among them, and they also share with some animals the sound of barking, such as Wolves, [١] It is worth noting that dogs communicate with people using different sounds to express their needs and fears, as well as that; meeting all the needs of Dogs does not mean that it will stop them from barking; this is due to various reasons, and it is important to identify these basic reasons so that the owner can take appropriate action and find solutions to this problem as soon as possible.[٢][٣]


Types of dog voice

The following are the most important sounds that dogs make and their meanings: [١]

Whining is one of the forms of vocal communication that a dog emits to express a certain need, such as:[٤]

Get attention and attract attention from its owner.
Greetings to other dogs or to people.
Feeling anxious, or as a kind of grumbling over a certain situation.
Separation anxiety when the owner leaves the house or is absent.
An injury to the dog, or a medical condition that causes him pain.

Growling (growing)

Dogs growl for several reasons, including: [٥]

Pain: the cause of growling can be distinguished when touching certain parts of his body, he growls as a reaction to pain or illness, and symptoms such as weight loss, biting, or hair loss may appear, in which case a veterinarian should be contacted to solve this problem.

Fear: the dog may growl when strangers or unfamiliar people are present, or when he is in a new place, it is likely that his issuance of this sound is a result of feeling afraid, or when situations that arouse his feeling of fear; such as loud sounds such as thunder and fireworks, and this problem can be solved by identifying the cause and removing it if possible, or contacting a dog behavior specialist in this case.

Trespassing: the dog growls when people trespass on its property or its usual places to sit.
Having fun: the dog may make a growling sound when feeling having fun when training the dog or having a good time.

Howling (Howling)

Howling is one of the forms of communication used by dogs, and is due to many reasons such as: [٦]

Separation anxiety: dogs howl when they are alone, or when separated from their owner, and may be accompanied by symptoms such as speed, depression, and destruction.

Medical reasons: dogs sometimes howl when they are in pain or feel sick, as they start to howl excessively.
In response to other sounds: the dog may start howling in response to the howl of another dog or a siren, and in general, it is not excessive, and it may stop by stopping the sound source.

Sighing (Sighing)

You should pay attention to the body language accompanying the dog’s sigh, the following are the reasons for his sigh: [٧]

Expression of feelings: the dog makes this sound as a way to attract attention and express his feelings, it is an emotional signal or an expression of satisfaction after a hearty meal or a nice walk, and the dog’s sigh may be accompanied by closing his eyes to communicate with the pleasure he feels.
Expression of fatigue: he uses it when he feels exhausted, ready to sleep and take a break.

Expression of disappointment: a sigh can be an expression of disappointment, that is when making the sound with his eyes open.

Groaning (Groaning)

The reasons for groaning vary from one dog breed to another, but it is usually a way followed by the dog to attract the attention of its owner, or an expression of satisfaction, or a desire from the dog to caress its owner; however, it may sometimes be a sign of the dog’s discomfort, and it is worth noting that the owner’s knowledge of the dog increases his ability to find out the cause of his groaning, in addition; groaning is not a serious sign of any disease; however, it may sometimes indicate some health problems such as:[٨]

Inflammation of the spine.
Abdominal dropsy.

Barking (Barking)

Barking is a form of natural communication in a dog, as dogs bark for many reasons, including the following: [٩]

Express what he feels, when he is excited, bored, or scared too.
Feeling threatened by another dog or by a person.
The desire to get something.
When she is left alone, when she is separated from her owner, or worried about separation.
The presence of strange and unfamiliar people in the dog.

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