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Everything you would like to know about dog breeding

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Dog breeding

Animal name: the scientific name of the dog (Canis Lupus Familiaris), which is from the kingdom of animals, belongs to the order of mammals, and is one of the genera of the canine family, which includes dogs, foxes, and jackals.[١]

Height: the average length of small-sized dogs is less than 30 cm, the average length of medium-sized dogs is between 20-68.6 cm, and the average length of large-sized dogs is between 71-86 CM.[٢]

Weight: the weight of small-sized dogs ranges between 2.3-4.5 kg, the weight of medium-sized dogs is between 4.5-23 kg, the weight of large-sized dogs is between 30-45 kg, and the largest dogs weigh about 91 kg or more.[٣]

Animal qualities: dogs walk on four feet, their size varies from species to species, and they have lower and upper canines that they use to chop their food.[٤]
His average age: the average age of Dogs is between 10-13 years.[٥]

The most important aspects of dog breeding

Dog food
Here are the most necessary and harmful foods for dogs:

Necessary foods for dogs: dog food should consist of protein and nutrients; such as fats, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, [٦] The following are some useful foods that dogs can eat: [٧][٨]

Carrots, help in the removal of dental calcifications.
Apples, which is rich in fiber that helps in digestion.
Cooked unsalted white rice, helps in cases of stomach malaise.
Unsalted chicken that does not contain spices.
Unsalted and sugar-free peanut butter.
Popcorn without salt or flavors.
Cooked turkey jerky.

Watermelon, but the seeds must be removed so as not to cause a blockage in the intestines.
Uncooked green cereals, which do not contain spices.
Bananas, as they are beneficial for bone health.
Cucumber, which is a good meal for overweight dogs.
Berries, as they help solve the problems of large dogs with age.

Custom dry food and canned dog food, as it contains all the important nutrients that a dog needs.
Foods that are not suitable for dogs: here are some foods that you should avoid giving to the dog: [٩]
Chocolate and caffeine, cause diarrhea, vomiting, stomach upset, lethargy, muscle twitching, an increase in heartbeat, seizures, and death.
Grapes and raisins, as they cause kidney failure in some dogs, diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy 12 hours after eating.

Alcohol, raw bread dough, and drinking alcohol even in small quantities cause poisoning that leads to vomiting, high fever, insomnia, excessive panting, muscle twitching, and seizures while eating yeast in bread dough leads to a distended stomach that causes tissue damage, and difficulty breathing.

Artificial sweeteners, such as those found in chewing gum and toothpaste, cause a sharp drop in blood pressure, damage to the liver, and its symptoms are vomiting and seizures, and these symptoms occur minutes or hours after taking it.
Onions and garlic, as eating them cause gastroenteritis, anemia, and damage to red blood cells.
Milk derivatives, which cause indigestion and diarrhea.

Avocado, because it contains the substance person, which causes stomach upsets.
Chicken and fish bones, as can crack and stick to the throat, break teeth, or cut the intestines.
Macadamia kernels, as eating too few of them lead to paralysis, weakness, and imbalance.

Dog kennel

It is necessary to provide housing in a suitable environment for your dog as follows:[١٠]

The dog’s dwelling and cage should be in a safe place if he is outside.
The dwelling should protect the dog from heat, rain, wind, snow, and possible predators.
Build a dwelling that provides enough shade and in which airflow is suitable for dogs with dense fur.
The dwelling for large dogs should be large enough for the dog to make a full cycle inside.
Greenhouses are preferably used for a mobile dwellings, so they can be easily cleaned.
Houses should be built of wood instead of greenhouses for dogs that are more prone to heat exhaustion; in order to keep them cool in summer.
The dwelling should be high off the ground to prevent mud, snow, or rain from entering the dwelling, and also provide a good airway.
There is not necessarily light in the dog’s dwelling because dogs see five times better in the dark than humans.

Cleaning dogs

The following are ways to clean a dog: [١١]

Comb the dog’s hair before bathing to remove excess hair and detect fleas.
Choose a spacious bathtub in which your dog will be able to move, provide you with comfort and control your dog when bathing.
You can use a plastic hair trap to prevent your dog’s hair from falling out in the drain and clogging it.

You can use a spray to thoroughly wash the areas under the tail and hind leg from the soap to prevent dryness.
Use a shampoo with natural ingredients for dogs with sensitive skin, you can make it at home using honey, rosemary, oatmeal, and baking soda.
Lay several towels on the floor to avoid mess, and put a towel close to you to dry the dog after bathing.
After drying, grease the dog with oils such as; Rose Geranium oil and lemongrass, which prevents ticks, and peppermint oil, which prevents fleas.

Dog breeding

Here is some information about dog breeding: [١٢]

Dogs go through the first estrous cycle when they reach puberty, it is during this period that the female can become pregnant and be in heat.
Dogs reach puberty at the age of six months, and this varies from Breed to breed, small-sized dogs reach puberty faster than large dogs.
Most dogs go through a heat period twice a year or every six months, depending on the breed of dog; small dogs have three heat periods a year, and large ones once every 12 months.

It is normal for this cycle to be irregular at first, as the bitch needs up to two years to regulate her cycle.
One of the symptoms that appear on the bitch in the cycle of estrus; is congestion, and bloating in the genital organs, after which she gets a bloody discharge, the amount of which varies from dog to dog.
The bitch urinates a lot and in a lot of places to let other dogs know that she is ready to mate, and the dog urinates in an area where the female is present to impose his territory.

The duration of the estrus cycle ranges from one and a half to two weeks depending on the breed of the dog.
The bitch’s eggs become more fertile when their secretion becomes liquid, but the sperm can stay for a week in the reproductive system, so pregnancy gets at any time in the period of estrus.
The duration of pregnancy in dogs reaches about 63 days.

Health problems in dogs

The following are some of the health problems that can affect dogs: [١٣]

Skin problems: there are many problems with the dog’s skin; such as itching, and scratches, caused by parasites, allergies, and skin infections, appearing in the form of redness, inflammation, peeling of the skin, and hair loss in certain areas.

Ear infections: when the dog has infections, he starts shaking his head and scratching his ear, there is also discharge, and an unpleasant odor, in addition to pain, and it causes great damage if left untreated, the dog should be taken to the vet if the infections last more than two days.

Urinary tract infections: it is a common disease in dogs, especially puppies, and its symptoms are excess urination, urination mixed with blood, increased thirst, and lethargy, and are associated with kidney disease and diabetes.

Parasites: consist of external parasites such as fleas and ticks, and internal parasites such as heart and intestinal worms, and to protect the dog from them you can use the monthly treatment available.

Dental diseases: tartar and plaque that contain dangerous bacteria that destroy teeth and gums, and these bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause heart disease and kidney failure, in addition to gum disease that affects the gums and dental attachments, it is a serious disease, so bad breath should not be ignored.

Tips for dealing with dogs

You can observe the physical behavior of the dog to know its requirements and deal with it in the correct way as follows: [١٤]

Follow the movement of the dog towards you, if he walks in a straight line, this indicates violent behavior, but if he walks in a zigzag line, this indicates friendly behavior, and if he is standing next to the door, he wants to go out for a walk.

Pay attention to the way he barks, if his barking is long, this indicates his feeling of loneliness, but if it is intense and continuous, there may be a problem and he is trying to alert you, and his barking may indicate the presence of physical pain.

Understand his disruptive behavior, the dog may destroy your favorite shoes or sofa, which indicates that he is angry, try to figure out why he is angry.
Look at the messages he sends with his eyes, if he does not raise his eyes towards you, it is likely that he will indicate violent behavior and may explode at any moment, if it is normal size, the dog will be relaxed, but if he feels nervous, his eyes will be big.

How to move the tail, the dog shakes his tail when he is happy, raises it when he is excited, and lowers it when submissive, sick, stressed, or anxious.
The movement of the ear, its movement indicates changes in mood, if it is raised, it indicates enthusiasm, and if it is flat, it indicates fear, anxiety, and submission.

Common mistakes when breeding dogs

Here are some common mistakes when breeding dogs: [١٥]

Do not train the dog early, as you should start training the dog early as soon as he arrives, no matter what his age; in order not to develop his bad habit.

Not enough training, train the dog regularly even after he has mastered a certain training, constant training preserves his skills and helps to consolidate the relationship between you.

Inconsistency in dog training, for example, you teach your dog not to sit on the sofa, and then allow him to sit on it, so when you get angry at him later he will not understand why you allowed him to sit, which leads to his confusion.

Lack of patience, dogs differ in the duration of learning, so do not feel frustrated, which leads to your dog’s frustration as well, shorten the duration of education, and its training in a positive sentence.

The use of harsh punishments, they are useless in dog training because they lead to an aggressive reaction in the dog.
Reinforce the wrong behavior, such as bringing him into the house when barking, or ignoring him when doing wrong behavior.
Yelling at the dog, as a result of which he does not want to answer you when you call him.


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