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Everything you need to know about big Akita dogs

Animal name: Akita dogs are considered a canine species belonging to the mammals of the animal kingdom, and they are one of the famous ancient Japanese breeds, and they were sacred because they resembled dogs that were found in ancient Japanese cemeteries, but now their popularity has increased and was recognized in 1972, and is now used in Japan as a guard and police dog.[١][٢]

Height: the male Akita reaches a length of approximately 68 cm; the female Akita reaches a length of approximately 63 cm.[٣][٤]
Weight: the weight of the male ranges from about 38-58 kg, and the weight of the female Akita ranges from about 29-49 kg.

Morphological qualities: large head, a wide chest, and neck; they help to stabilize his head, he has small eyes and erect ears, with a muscular body, strong and straight legs, his tail is large and usually twisted towards the body, ·his fur is short, sometimes it is of medium length and dense; he has two layers of hair; the undercoat is soft and thick that makes him able to withstand cold temperatures, but becomes weak during warm times; the outer layer is slightly longer and coarser.[٣][٤]

Average age: his average age ranges from 10-12 years.[٥]

Types of Akita dogs

There are two types of Akita dogs; they are as follows: [٦]

American Akita dogs: it is characterized by the following:
The length of this species varies between 60-71 CM, and its weight is between 34-54 kg.
He has two layers of fur, but the progenitor layer of his hair falls out twice a year, so he needs constant care.
He has a strong physique and musculature.
Japanese Akita dog: it is characterized by:
It is shorter and smaller than the American type.
Its length varies between 60-66 CM, and its weight is between 34-54 kg.
He possesses a rather weak physique.

The character of Akita dogs

His personal qualities
Here is a list of qualities of Akita dogs: [٧][٨]

He is characterized by loyalty to his owner, he is also very affectionate and friendly toward the members of the family with which he lives.
He walks behind you and follows You from room to room, he likes to serve you.
A brave dog and a guard for his family members.

He makes pleasant sounds, talks to himself, or says his opinion on some matters around him.
He is often quiet and silent when strangers are around.
He does not bark unless there is a good reason for him to do so.

They like to hold things in their mouths, like holding your wrist, for example, it’s just a way to communicate with you.
They lick themselves for cleaning, and they have the leopard trait of silently pursuing their prey.
He can be aggressive and destructive if he gets bored, so daily variety should be maintained.

Tips for dealing with it

The most important of them are the following: [٩][١٠]

This breed is not considered a highly active dog, but it needs to do exercises to avoid being obese.
You need to run, take brisk walks, and take a walk in the yard for 30-60 minutes a day.
Hard surfaces are not a good idea to let him play on; for example, a sidewalk.
Do not allow him to jump or run on hard surfaces until he is at least two years old, make sure that the growth of his joints is complete.
He is characterized by stubbornness, as he sometimes sees himself as a leader and has the dominant power, so he needs to be trained well.

Feeding Akita dogs

Foods that he should eat
Akita food should be healthy, balanced, and of high quality, and here is the following regarding Akita-type dog food: [١١] [١٢]

Fish, marine plants, and rice are the basic foods of the Akita.[١٣]
His diet should contain vegetables; to supply him with the necessary vitamins and minerals.[١٤]
Experts recommend feeding Akitas aged 7 years and older with light, low-calorie foods


Maintaining the health of Akita dogs

The following are general tips for keeping Akita dogs healthy: [١٨] [١٩]

His fur should be cleaned at least once a week; in order to maintain his health and beauty.
Comb his hair to get rid of stuck dead hairs.

His nails should be trimmed regularly; long nails can cause pain and problems for dogs.
You must keep up to date on brushing his teeth and ensure their health.

We recommend checking the ears weekly, looking for dirt stuck to them, redness, or the presence of an unpleasant odor, and cleaning them weekly with a soft kitten.

Other information about Akita dogs

Reproduction of Akita
Here is the following regarding the breeding of Akita dogs: [٢٠]

Mating usually occurs in cold times, preferably in the early morning or evening periods.
The place of occurrence of mating should be quiet and small.
The necessary time should be provided to give dogs the opportunity to get to know each other, which will increase their receptivity to each other and facilitate the mating process.

After the mating has occurred, it is not recommended to mate the dog again a day but to wait 24-48 hours from the first mating.

How many hours do Akita dogs sleep?

An adult Akita dog usually needs 12-14 hours of sleep a day, while a small Akita needs more, ranging from 15-18 hours a day.[٢١]


Methods of Adaptation of Akita

The most important of them are the following:

They can behave aggressively towards strangers, and this is due to their protective instinct; so you should be careful when Western people come to your house.
He deals with children well and is loyal to them like the rest of the family members present in it, which helps him adapt to the environment around him.

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