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Can bee honey be fed to cats


Honey is a nutritious and useful food element for humans, but it must be known that humans are different from cats, although it is not toxic to them, it is generally not recommended to eat it only in very small quantities, and it is also not possible to eat it regularly, large amounts of it may harm them, and cause them problems, and it should be noted that cats are carnivores and meat, and there are many elements that they need more than honey.[١]


What kind of honey can be fed to cats?

There is no harm in feeding your cat honey but in specific amounts and types, here are some of them:[٢]

Raw honey: This is best if your cat has allergies, it helps to alleviate them.
Manuka flower honey: there are a lot of antibiotics in the nectar of the Manuka flower, so it is a medical option.

The benefits of honey for cats

The following is an explanation of the benefits of honey for cats: [٣]

It is antibacterial and rich in antioxidants.
It is considered a remedy for seasonal allergies.
It contributes to the treatment of cough and sore throat in cats.
It contributes to strengthening the cat’s immune system.
It contributes to the treatment of burnt wounds, by applying a small amount of it to the burned area.
The enzymes in honey support cats in healthy digestion, and may help relieve indigestion in cats.
It helps to increase the energy of cats.

Situations in which you should avoid feeding honey to cats

There are many cases in which cats should not be given honey, as it can cause other problems, the most important of which are[٤]

If the cat has diabetes, you should first consult a veterinarian before feeding her honey, as the high level of sugar contained in it may easily increase insulin levels.

It may not be ideal for overweight cats, but a tablespoon of honey contains 64 kcal.
Honey is not useful for feeding kittens, raw honey may contain bacteria that cause botulinum, and, consequently, food poisoning.

Other information about honey for cats

The cat’s share of honey
Despite the potential dangers of honey to the health of your cat’s digestive system, it is possible to give her a teaspoon of honey a day, especially when used for medicinal purposes, and kittens with a weak immune system may not be able to accept this amount of honey, so it is necessary to be careful about giving it to her.[٥]


Tips on the use of honey for cats

Here are some tips on using honey for cats: [٦]

Honey can be used to treat wounds, it is a good antibiotic and antiseptic.
Honey should not be given aggressively to a cat in case she refuses it.
Look for any reactions to honey on your cat.
Raw and unprocessed honey is the only honey that is useful for cats.
I give honey in a small amounts.
Seek the advice of your veterinarian before feeding your cat honey.
Try not to give cats honey at all.

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