The Garden of Experimental Scientific Experiments, located in the heart of the Algerian capital, is an actual museum of nature, extending in the form of an amphitheater at the foot of the National Museum of Fine Arts, from Mohamed Belouizdad Street to Hassiba Ben Bouali Street on an area of ​​32 hectares.

It includes 2,500 species of plants and hundreds of years old trees, more than 25 types of palm trees, as well as a garden in the classic French style and another in the British style, as well as the National Museum of Fine Arts (Algeria).

The climate of Al-Hamma Park is distinguished from that of Algiers, where the capital’s temperature ranges between 6 degrees in winter and 38 degrees in summer, while the temperature in the park does not fall below 15 degrees in winter and does not exceed 25 degrees in summer.

The unique experimental garden was established in Algeria, which was considered among the most beautiful gardens in the world, in 1832 AD, two years after the start of the French occupation of Algeria. The park covers an area of ​​32 hectares off the Gulf of Algiers, a few kilometers from the city centre. In addition to the French and British gardens, the “Al-Hamma Park” includes a zoo, a school for gardening and gardening, and a testing center

As this garden constitutes a real museum of nature, as it contains trees over 150 years old and rare and unique plants that came from all over the world, and it also includes many types such as a rose tree with a height of thirty meters, dating back to almost a hundred years, and palm trees of the type “palmitas” to The ancient “elderberry” trees, which may reach 30 meters in height, in addition to the camphor tree and the bamboo plant, as well as the ginkgo tree (coriander tree or herb of intelligence), which is one of the types of trees that can withstand harsh climatic fluctuations for several centuries.

Most of the garden’s trees are more than 100 years old, as the first of them was planted in 1848 AD. Today, work is underway to renew the garden’s plants and allow specialization in local plants, which is the role of the botanical gardens. In order to regain the global position it occupied fifty years ago.

The world-famous movie “Tarzan” was filmed for the first time in 1932 AD in Algiers Park, and the film won the admiration of millions of viewers and gained fame beyond borders, and many filmmakers praised the magnificence of the filming location.

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